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Affiliate Expert 2.0

Vikky Rawat

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4 attachments • 18.46 mins

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What is Affiliate Marketing

How to Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

Who can not do Affiliate Marketing ?


3 attachments • 20.7 mins

What is Niche

Need of Niche

Which Niche is Good


11 attachments • 1 hrs

What is Product

Low and High Ticket Products


Clickbank Updates (imp)




High Ticket and Low Ticket - How to Choose

Game of Brand Bidding

Foreign vs Indian products

Best Product To Startup

Funnel (Landing Page )

23 attachments • 2 hrs

What is Funnel

Website vs Funnels

Why Funnels

Why Website

Domain And Hosting A/C Setup

Spacial Discount

SSL Certificate

Elementor, Theme & Page

Mailchimp integration

Privacy Policy / Term and Conditions / Disclaimer

Set Home Page

Landing page Design


Elementor-pro. 3.7.2


Free Funnel (Landing Page)

Groovefunnel Setup

Groove Funnel Email Integration

Groovefunnels Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms & Condition

Groovefunnels Published

System.io Free Landing Page Create

Landing page Conditions Important

System.io email Marketing


30 attachments • 3 hrs

What is Traffic

Where is your traffic

What is Organic Traffic

What is Paid Traffic

What is Google Ads

Google ads A/C Setup

google analystic ac setup

google analystic pixel setup

Google Coversion Pixel Setup

Google conversion pixel setup page by page

Google Analytics & Conversion Pixels Add in WordPress


Google Ads Campaign

Google Ad Group

Google Ad

Google Display Ads

Youtube Ads in India

Video Ads Create from Fiverr

Remarketing by Google Ads

Disabled / Suspend Google Accounts

Facebook Page and Business Account Setup

Create Full Facebook Ad

Facebook Pixel

Facebook Domain Verify

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Groups Marketing part 1

Facebk Groups Marketiing Part 2

Instagram Marketing Organically

How to Post on Instagram

📦 Ads are not Only Affiliate Marketing 📦

Email Marketing

5 attachments • 44.7 mins

What is Email Marketing

Mailchimp A/C Setup API Key

Email Automation

Signup Form

Full Email Marketing by Elementor Live important

Importance of Bonuses

3 attachments • 15.01 mins

What is Importance of Bonuses

PLR Product

Personal Consultancy

Important Tips

6 attachments • 41.86 mins

If You Have no PC or Laptop

Leads Generation

Personal Branding Power 🔋

If You have Minimum Budget

Organically work ?

Understanding Paid Marketing

Extra Bonuses

12 attachments • 15.19 mins

Affiliate Program

How to promote my product

Video Ads For Affiliate Expert

Email Swipes 1

Email Swipes 2

Email Swipes 3

Email Swipes 4

Email Swipes 5

Email Swipes 6

Email Swipes 7

Email Swipes 8

Email Swipes 9

Personal Whatsapp Support

1 attachment • 1 mins

WhatsApp Support

Personal Consultancy

1 attachment • 1 mins

Personal Calling

Live Classes on Zoom

1 attachment • 1 mins

Live Classes (Workshop)

Live Test Monthly

2 attachments • 1 mins

Live Test

Live Test Coming Soon

FREE Webinar

1 attachment • 1 mins

How to join

$100 A Day Challenge

5 attachments • 1 hrs

$100 A Day Challenge Part 1

$100 A Day Challenge Part 2

Targeted Keywords

$100 A Day Challenge Part 3

$100 A Day Challenge Part 4

$100 A Day Challenge by in feed ads

4 attachments • 54.53 mins

$100 A Day Challenge Part-1 from in feed YouTube Ads

$100 A Day Challenge Part-2 from in feed YouTube Ads

$100 A Day Challenge Part-3 from in feed YouTube Ads


Get Your Certificate

1 attachment • 1 mins


CPA Marketing

3 attachments • 19.18 mins

What is CPA Marketing

CPA Product's Platform

How to do CPA Marketing

Our App (Digital Marketer Vikky)

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Download (Digital Marketer Vikky)

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About the creator

About the creator

Vikky Rawat

This is Digital MarketerVikky ,

Affiliate Marketing Expert

Digital Marketing Expert


11+ Years Experience 

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